The top website loading speeds you’ll find in the United States, Canada and Latin America

The website loading speed is usually a main factor for your online triumph, and that is why we offer you the possibility to host your sites within one of the best–connected data centers in U.S.A.. The Colohouse data center is in downtown Chicago and it does supply full power redundancy and fantastic network conditions. This way, you can guarantee the best website loading speed for your customers coming from the USA, Canada or Latin America. It is worth mentioning that, this very data center is now hired by some of the primary telecoms companies in U.S.A..

In the USA data center, you can easily host any site you need – from private pages and blogs to large enterprise portals and high–traffic electronic stores. According to your distinctive needs, you are able to choose between a range of Linux cloud hosting packages deals, which are backed up by a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 24x7 customer assistance service. You can easily select the USA data center on our order form.

Other US Hosting Services

In our USA data center there’s considerably more than regular cloud hosting packages. You’ll also find Linux dedicated servers hosting packages, Linux VPS packages and Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages. With every US hosting solution, you’ll enjoy a 99.9% network uptime and our spectacular 24/7 technical support service that has a common reaction time of less than 20 min. Our USA Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting Packages are often the go–to solution in case you have a media–heavy site (video sharing sites, information portals, etcetera). With our USA Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages, you will be able to experience the power of a dedicated server and the ease–of–use of a Linux cloud hosting packages – no server administration talents are required.

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